THe Whack, The Iight and The (DOPE) Daily News

The Whack

Man beats Wife for Dick Smelling












Unless Riskay has discovered a cruel but genius way to promote her music this is not only whack..but DESPICABLE! According to TCPalm, a man beats his wife when she tries to smell his penis to see if he was having sex with another woman. And then the punk fled the scene like a FUCKEN COWARD..TIMES 2! I dont understand how you could beat someone who you swore to be with for the rest of your life(oh yea..that woman is his wife). I really don’t want to get into this anymore. NEXT…

The Iight

Bow Wow jumps out of the window

“Used to be the daughters/But since I’m grown now, I’m smashing all the mommas”-Bow Wow in “Jumping Out Da Window Freestyle”

In all honesty, the majority of Bow Wow’s career falls in the range of whack and iight (that includes his stint as LIL Bow Wow too). This freestyle is no different…although his flow sounds alot better and that highlight rhyme is pretty funny (Especially since he apparently smashed MILF Superhead). But when he says he going to be the best in ’09…constantly laughs AND becomes the 1000000th rapper to do the “Maple Leafs/I got Ice” punchline…this shit is ehhhh.

The (DOPE)

DNA Hates Charles Hamilton

“How this nigga signed and still aint got a shape up nigga”– DNA on above video

LMAO!! Ok Ok..the REASON this is (DOPE) is because he actually has some witty punchlines (“And make his chick/take my dick/and do the Lil Wayne and Baby kiss”), he DISSES HIMSELF (“Charles Hamilton’s career’s like my hairline….fucked up”) and Charles himself cosigns it. This dude is hilarious and actually knows he is.  (DOPE). Go..go ahead and hate me for this. SO WHAT!

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