Joey Tries To Bring The Beast Out of Fab and Officially Becomes Hollywood (Video)

“Madd underground niggas get their nails done.”-Joe Buddens in above video

Before I start…Ive said it before on this blog and I’ll say it again..Mr. Loso is ONE..just one…CLASSIC HIP HOP album away from being considered as one of the Top 10 New York rappers of all time. This video just made me realize something…FAB NEVER REALLY BEEFED. Like besides the anonymous, general niggas that EVERY rapper talks about(you know..when they say “you niggas need to stop hating” but never say who those niggas are) Ive never seen him beef or throw dirt on a nigga name. I think he had a little verbal sparring with Mase or Loon or someone(they all sound the same) but he just been doing him. Leave it to Joe to try and start something (“You think Fab is better than Jadakiss?”). Well atleast these things have been cleared up:

  • Joe still aint fucking with Ransom
  • Joe is going to be on Fab’s new mixtape(if you didnt get that after the 10000th time he said it)
  • Paul Cain IS NOT underground
  • Fab album might be coming in March(ANOTHER ONE FOR MY BDAY MONTH!!)

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