Jadakiss feat./ Faith Evans- “Letter to B.I.G.” + Jadakiss HipHopGame Interview (Video)


Jadakiss feat./ Faith Evans- Letter To B.I.G. <-Preview + Download Link

“I can go on for a year/about how it’d be if you were still here” Jadakiss on “Letter to B.I.G.”

Peeped this over at NahRight. Off of the Notorious Soundtrack, Jada gets personal with the bars when writing this letter to arguably the greatest MC of all time, and a close friend. While I listen to Jada speak about how he really drank and smoke with legendary MC over Faith Evans’ signature ear grabbing melodies (bring HER back, please), I think that knowing, smoking, chilling and drinking with B.I.G. is the rap equivalent of shaking Sinatra’s hand. READ MORE to see Jada in the club do a quick interview with Jabari about the recession, the new album and how KMart affected his album.

“The album is crack.“- Jadakiss in HipHopGame Interview


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