Joe Buddens Vs. Ransom(DONT BE FUCKEN STUPID, NIGGAS!) (Video)

Ransom Makes His Response Physical

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Joey Farrakhans The Situation

Okay, peep game. Here’s the quick history from what I gathered from all the videos and diss tracks(cause these are just the 2 latest ones).

Joe and Ransom beef for SOME ODD reason(probably more serious but I really didnt care much). Joe releases two  diss tracks. Ransom releases two diss tracks. And then the shit fades away. No one cared. They didnt care. And for the most part…NO ONE REMEMBERED. Now fast forward to about a week or two ago. Joe Buddens TV has Mr. Old School Mouse spew some venom at Ransom because one of his boys said Joe and Ransom were similar. Ransom goes to VladTV says Joe is a pussy, yada yada…Joe’s girl got fucked by Fabolous..yada yada yada…Joe is a pussy…rinse and repeat. Joe responds with a video claiming he has footage of Ransom getting his ass whooped. AANNNNNNNNND we’re here.

Call Joe a pussy. Say Ransom bitched him and his mans out. Say Joe’s last video is of a man who’s “gangsta” has been exposed. SAYYYY ALL THAT SHIT! But on some real…REAL SHIT….I applaud Joe for what he’s doing. Eventually someone was going to get hurt. Eventually some careers were going to get ended. Eventually Hip Hop will be viewed as AGAIN…dumb Black people’s way of getting money(Mark Twain said Jane Austen shouldn’t’ve died a natural death…HER PEOPLES AINT GO FUCK HIM UP!) That last sentence is in no way my way of saying that’s what Hip Hop is…this site shows that I feel that Hip Hop is an outlet for creativity like any other form of music. 

BUT WHEN DUMB SHIT LIKE THIS HAPPENS…I temporarily have a weakened resolve. At least Joe saw logic before we saw caskets. If Ransom responds with some..”I won..I won..he pussy”…you will see a couple months of internet buzz from Ransom(i.e.- songs start MAGICALLY appearing on blogs and shit) and then he’ll fade away. Oh and remember…

Gangsters dont vlog. 

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