Outside Looking In (The Perception of Hip Hop)


“Just as the record’s cover playfully skews the Ready to Die/Illmatic baby-picture formula with Photoshopped tattoos, Wayne updates what it means to be the best rapper alive here.”– In Pitchfokmedia’s review of “Tha Carter III”

“Nas is more likely to rely on ugly manipulation of people who tend to care way more about his work than he apparently does”In Pitchforkmedia’s review of “Untitled”


Chalk it up to a slow Monday in music, or me trying to burn time before my shows come on or whatever you want, but this issue has been burning in my head for months and now I have the time and energy to articulate it. Let me put up another disclaimer real quick:


Pretty highly esteemed media outlet, Pitchforkmedia, who primarily reviews and covers alternative rock and pop-ish artists, gave Lil Wayne’s ASTRONOMICALLY HYPED Tha Carter III an 8.7 out of 10 and gave Nas’ Untitled  a 3.8 out of 10. Essentially saying that Tha Carter III is MORE THAN TWICE AS GOOD as Untitled (Numbers dont lie). What this shows is exactly  what has been known for years if not decades (if you look closely) that the world outside of Hip Hop views our beloved artform as just a dollar sign and not art. Outlets which PRIMARILY cover music other than Hip Hop and R&B such as Pitchforkemedia and the godly, RollingStone  hyped up the Lil Wayne machine ever since they saw that he was jumping on everybody’s song(inside and more importantly to them, outside of Hip Hop) and was geared to be the next SoundScan giant. RollingStone did everything from crown him the Best MC, claim he had the 3rd best album of the year…from ANY genre and whole bunch other miscellaneous dick riding. But the Pitchforkmedia thing hit the hardest and made the issue more salient.

“The musical open-mindedness also lifts C3 above regional niches– the #1 hit “Lollipop” sounds more like it was born on Jupiter than anywhere on earth.“- In Pitchforkmedia’s review of Tha Carter III

When media outlets invest time, energy and money in a musical phenomena such as an artists’ hype, they will stop at nothing to make sure what they hyped comes to fruition. The truth can be a bit bended, right? Why do you think MTV gave Britney Spears the opening act on the 2007 VMA’s  (disasterous) then awarded her with “Pop Video of the Year(her first one, a HISTORIC COMEBACK in the works..yea right) and THEN gave her her own documentary? Because they want their hype to come to fruition or else they look like dumbasses. Considering “Lollipop” as an indication of “musical open-mindedness” is just as transparent as giving Britney a VMA for a video NO ONE REMEMBERS. One more quote from their “unbiased” review to show you how much they alter the truth so that the Lil Wayne phenomena can continue and they can preserve their dwindling credibility in Hip Hop:

‘I’m doin’ the same shit Martin Luther King did/ Checkin’ in the same hotel, in the same suite, bitch/ Same balcony like assassinate me, bitch!’ His claims of MLK grandeur are far-fetched, but his impassioned delivery makes them seem more believable than one would think possible.”-In the Pitchforkmedia review of “Tha Carter III”

WHATTHEFUCK?!!! Just cause he screams and his voice screeches alittle, him comparing what he’s doing in the world to what Martin Luther King Jr did for the world is ANY SORT OF BELIEVABLE. I notice they did say it was not TOTALLY believable and was “far-fetched” but by saying it is “MORE believable” they imply that it is not STUPID AND COMPLETELY UNBELIEVABLE…which it actually was. See, Nas makes a CLASSIC..CLASSSSSIC album, Untitled which they slam and give a 3.8 (which is less than 2 mics if converted into Source rating system) and claim they dont like tracks such as “America”, “Breathe”  or “Testify” yet they love the majority of Tha Carter III (BTW: “America”, “Breathe” and “Testify” >Majority of  Tha Carter III). But this goes deeper than RollingStone and Pitchforkmedia.

The Grammy’s, the penniacle of musical accomplishments (and Charles Hamilton’s wet dream) have shown that they only think of dollars when thinking of Hip Hop. In 2007, they gave the Rap Album of the Year Grammy to Ludacris’ Release Therapy over Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor. I’m not even saying this because I love Lupe Fiasco’s music alot more than I do Ludacris'(BUT I FUCKS WITH LUDA!!!), but because the Grammy’s is NOT the Billboard Music Awards. Billboard Music Awards focuses on radio spins, record sales, digital sales and all that. The Grammy’s focus on the art, the merit of the music, the CRITICAL reception of the music. And there was no other rap album in that category that was as critically acclaimed as Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor. But Luda brought in the big bucks and was the new crossover artist(movies and all that shit). 

The (DOPE) can not survive when atroscitites such as these are occuring and Hip Hop is nothing but a dollar sign. I dont just bring up a problem and not develop a solution. The solution is already in the works though. You saw the XXL magazine covers with the Top 10 Freshman(most of who are keeping the (DOPE) alive). All the major media outlets are beginning to hop on The (DOPE) Revival Movement bandwagon. RollingStone named Nahright as the best Hip Hop blog. Fader has always shown love to (DOPE) artists. And the internet is beginning to outshine the magazines, newspapers, radio AND television. So for now we have to live in a world where the mainstream consensus is that Tha Carter III is (DOPE)r better than Untitled.

But dont worry, sooner than you think….the Movement will come to fruition. With no need for bended truth. 



2 Responses to “Outside Looking In (The Perception of Hip Hop)”

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