The Whack, The Iight and The (DOPE) Daily News

The Whack

Man Gets Jailed For Gang Signs With Santa

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You have to be REALLLY REALLLLLY REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY stupid to let THIS happen to you. If you’re not supposed to be affiliated with gang members or you go to jail..why would you PHOTOGRAPH yourself throwing up gang signs. Like, I mean…I…I’m stunned. And to add insult to injury, he threw up gang signs…in a picture with Santa. Really? I wonder how his jailmates are going to react when they hear he’s in jail because he wanted to show St. Nick just how gangsta he was. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

The Iight

T-Pain signs a Gym Class Hero

Ehhhh. I mean…Ehhhhh. Travis(Traveeeee) from Gym Class Hero and that “take a look at my girlfriend” song fame, is new signee of the mad hatter usher of the apocalypse Nappy Boy himself on his new label…Nappy Boy. This is cool..I guess. Travis did spit a sick verse on that odd cluster of MC’s Fall Out Boy remix. But this dude spits the same tired freestyle..EVERYWHERE. And T-Pain is hit or collapse most of the time so that doesn’t give me any vote of confidence. 

The (DOPE)


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DJ Khaled feat./ Jay-Z, T-Pain & Kanye West- Go Hard (Remix) <-Preview + Download Link

Follow my moves, you want to make it to the top, I’m Onstar/To new born stars.”-Jay-Z on “Go Hard (Remix)”

“Number one rule if ya ass get popped/Dont chatterbox to the Madlock.”-Jay-Z on “Go Hard (Remix)”

“On Dark nights (Knight) I’m like Heath Ledger. Even if I overdose on drugs/Motherfuckers can’t kill my buzz.”– Jay-Z on “Go Hard (Remix)”

I FUCKEN HATE JAY-Z. As a fellow lyricist…I FUCKEN HATE JAY-Z. LOL. He makes any rapper want to go back rewrite thier (DOPE)st verses (Even though I think I have a better Heath Ledger line, :)). But on this remix of the (DOPE) DJ Khaled (isn’t he Terror Squad?), T-Pain and Kanye West song, HOV goes in..I was about to say he BLACKED OUT but it wasnt THAT (DOPE). READ MORE to peep the video for the original to this song (which has an extra Kanye verse than the remix does). If DJ Khaled and T-Pain can make (DOPE)ness..ANYONE CAN!

DJ Khaled feat./ Kanye West & T-Pain- Go Hard

“I’mma tell you like Geroge Bush told me/Fuck yall niggas, I’m out of here.”– Kanye West on “Go Hard”


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