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Colin Munroe feat./ Joell Ortiz- “Piano Lessons” (Video) * Colin Munroe feat./ Wale- “Will I Stay RMX” Rehersal (Video)

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Colin Munroe feat./ Joell Ortiz- “Piano Lessons” (Prod. By Black Milk)

“Don’t bet on me, I’m a long shot/I might be a million to one/So dont bet on me I’m a long shot/But in a million I might be the one.”-Colin Munroe “Piano Lessons”

Unbelieveable..I am truly disappointed in myself for the disservice I have given to you guys in not posting Colin Munroe’s shit ALOTTTT sooner. Basically this dude is an amazing singer/drummer/wateva else he plays and got BIG noteriety (Well at least in Hip Hop) for the way he MURKED Kanye’s “Flashing Lights” and made a better video to it. I knew about him for a minute and was kind of anticipating his new mixatpe, Colin Munroe is the Unsung Hero. But since I’m a dick in soooo many ways, I forgot. But here is a match made in aural heaven. Colin Munro * Joell Ortiz * Black Milk. And the video is SUPER FUCKEN (DOPE). The opacity and blending techniques is superb, perfect for the song. READ MORE to check out him rehearsing an equally(DOPE) track with Wale. 

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“Unforgivable #1” * “Unforgivable #4” (Video)

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*DISCLAIMER*- If you get offended by cunt, pussy, butthole, excessive use of the ‘N’ word, mysogony, homophobia, murder, marijunana usage, theft, gangbangs, and/or infidelity disregard this post. And dont ever come back to any Hip Hop site. 

THIS is the reason why YouTube is the best thing since porn(they even married the two..*cues heaven music*). This is basically, a White dude(he IS White, I researched) filming a Black dude’s monologue about EVERYTHING listed above(and not listed..sorry, forgot rape). This isn’t some hidden gem, each of the 5 videos from this “Unforgivable” series averages about 6.5 million views. These two..TO ME…are two of the funniest the past 5 years. Don’t want to talk that much. Just sit back and enjoy. You might even learn a thing or two(like which direction is best to cut another man’s wrist.)


Unforgivable #1

“She tried to make up for it. Sucking my dick a little bit. I was like, ‘Bitch, that feel good. But, it ain’t enough.’ She took to new levels, started jacking me off while she was sucking my thang. I got a nut. Yea, I got a nut. SO?!!“-Gunnar Fritz Stansson in “Unforgivable #1”

Unforgivable #4

“Took him by his wrist. Cut him. Cut his wrist….vertically. Then I said, ‘What now, ho?’ Oh, he was on the floor dying and shit. Making a scene.”-Gunnar Fritz Stansson in “Unforgivable #4”

Naledge- “Rock Top Fashions” * Bonus Cut: “Bird Walk (Reversed)”(Video)

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Naledge- Rock Top Fashions <-Preview + Download Link

“I’m so too letters after E/Here my exes even say they would see (C) an effing (F and) G.”-Naledge on “Rock Top Fashions”

Lets not even talk know..the thing I did to y’all…AGAIN. Lets get into the (DOPE)ness. Here is apparently the first leak off of Naledge’s forthcoming mixtape, Brainiac Society Vol. 3: Attack Of The Brainiacs. He drops some gems over a beat that soudns more Slim Thug than Kidz in Tha Hall. Naledge is definitely one of the most underrated MC’s from the Chi(NO, having videos on MTV and BET does NOT mean you have the lyrical respect you deserve.) READ MORE to see him ReVerse Soulja Boy’s “Bird Walk” for the new Rap City BET’s new attempt at appealing to “REAL” Hip Hop BET’s show, “The Deal”.  Yeah, and there’s actually a video to it. 

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Do You Forgive Me?

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I take a shit load of breaks. However, this break was not self-imposed(none of them have been, except the reconstruction one). I get back to school(Photoed above, ORANGE MEN!!!) and my wireless does not work. So I go through 3 or 4 days of these numbskulls tyring to fix it here and I finally get it back and I’m ready to work. PUT THAT WORK IN!! What was I doing the 4 days BEFORE THAT? Well, it was my last days in New York City, I was recording(got the intro to the mixtape done) and a bunch of other miscellaneous shit. But now, I got a schedule, got my laptop back AND getting a mic set…TODAY. So you might be hearing some exclusive Karnage(yes, that’s me) in the near future.

Oh and don’t worry. I got some new exclusive(ok, not REALLY exclusive) music from my dude Wordsmith, ASN and Astonish coming TODAY!! Just remember…

“Patience is a virtue/Hastiness will hurt you”-Karange

Back in a little while. Work and class.

The Whack, The Iight and The (DOPE) Daily News

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The Whack

Jaydiohead…yea..Jay-Z + Radiohead…GAG!


Minty Fresh Beats- Jaydiohead <-Download Link

Ok, class is in session. In order to make a GREAT mashup album between two artists from different genres, you HAVE to make sure that 1. The flow and beat matches up, 2. The emotion of the beat matches the lyrics’ emotions AND 3. The beat doesn’t swallow the words. The Grey Album and Collision Course are the ONLY mashup albums to achieve these 3 essentials with Hov lyrics. Oh…AND the classic Viva La Hova(How could I forget?). Minty Fresh Beats…IDK what the fuck he(or they..or she) was thinking. Besides “Wrong Prayer” and “No Karma” these songs dont mesh, dont match the feeling and “Lucifer’s Jigsaw” should be illegal. WHACK!

The Iight

Soulja Boy…the animated series

“They got their name on their shades cause…SOULJA BOY TELL ‘EM”-Soulja Boy on above video

EHHHH..the song is maddd fucken catchy! I’ll give him that. And you see, this proves that Soulja Boy’s music is suitable for kids television. So apparently Interscope realizes that this kid was a one hit wonder, so they’re making an animated series because, hey…KIDS LIKE ANYTHING! SMH. 

The (DOPE)

Cory Gunz and Mickey Factz RIP The Deal

“Since a youngin’ I grew up with shooter fingers/Made a militia, signed myself and recruited stingers/The game got full of too many music stingers/And all these niggas sound the same, what do it bring us/Between me and these stupid swingers/I can make a classic disc and a stupid ringer.”-Cory Gunz on “The Deal Freestyle”

“I’m more like a mutant with the claws of a cougar/Wolverine couldn’t see your boy with the music/Confuse ’em like the squares and the colors of Rubick’s/Homie I does this, you trying to do it/And I already did it, but you trying to prove it/Proof in the pudding, Bill Cosby is clueless.“-Mickey Factz on “The Deal Freestyle”

“Talking that jabber jibbish/But they aint in my exhibit/Walking the ave I live in/They can’t cause they lying spitting/Give my fly to bitches/Then it’s bye bye, time to zip it/Cause if the iron hit it/You’d think that a lion bit it.”-Cory Gunz on “The Deal Freestyle”

“Other day, I was chilling, thinking of Rosa/If she didn’t sit, we’d still get pushed over. Not me/I would’ve got with Huey and Bobby/Shotgun protecting my posse/Cant let my eyes sleep/Till I’m in your top 3/And when I ask, your hands go up like Nazi’s/You got me?/This is not a game, please put away Yahtzee/Before I have to Kamikazee your area, watch me.”-Mickey Factz on “The Deal Freestyle”

You REALLY..REALLLLY dont need me to say shit. Just read the highlight rhymes. I’mma head to my boi Bombzito crib and make some classics. ’09….OH MY GOD..’09.

Late Night Digging IV

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Aaliyah- I Care 4 U

“Hey sexy baby/why’d ya girl leave you in pain/to let a fine man like you go/she must be insane.”-Aaliyah in “I Care 4 U”

I love Aretha Franklin. I love Nina Simone. I love the Delphonics. I LOVEEEEEEE Mary J. Blige.  But this song, right here, IS MY FAVORITE R&B SONG…EVER!! It’s the perfect song. Perfectly beat, perfect ambiance, perfect chorus, perfect just feels like EVERYTHING went right. This isn’t really something I JUST stumbled on(known about it for like 8 years) and this isn’t at night..but I was talking to my homegirl about it last night(wats good, Maria) and this song is….GORGEOUS!! CLASSIC! 

We truly miss you, Aaliyah.

Eminem feat./ Dr. Dre & 50 Cent – “Crack A Bottle”

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Eminem feat./ Dr. Dre & 50 Cent- Crack A Bottle <Preview + Download Link

“Not to mention back with a vengence so here’s the signal/Of the Bat symbol, the platinum trio is back on you hoes.”-Eminem on “Crack A Bottle”

Before I say anything..whoever produced this beat (sounds like Dre) done lost their FUCKEN MIND!!! Peep this at the fellow crusaders of (DOPE). This is how (DOPE) this song is. Eminem is sounding like post-Encore, B-game Eminem (instead of A game Slim Shady LP Eminem), Dre sounds just like he’s always sound and 50 Cent harmonizes his first couple of bars….AND THIS SHIT MAKES YOU WANT TO PLAY IT 1000000 TIMES! It’s odd, usually I would shake my head at Em for talking about cracking open a new bottle, but this shit just feels good. IT’S AFTERMATH/AINT NOTHING AFTER THAT!!

…just make sure R3lapse dont sound TOTALLY like this.