I. Apologize (The Zune Meltdown)


For those that dont know (In Eminem’s voice at the end of “Nail In The Coffin”) THAT’S Bill Gates.  The CEO or wateva of Microsoft. Why am I stating the obvious? Why am I saying “I. Apologize”? WHERE THE FUCK IS THE MUSIC?! Thats exactly what I want to know because as of December 31st, 2008…BILL GATES FUCKED HIMSELF AND A GOOD PORTION OF THE GLOBE! Across the globe(seriously, Microsoft is calling it a “GLOBAL crisis”), millions of Zune 30 GB’s are not booting up. You guessed it. I HAVE a Zune 30 gb(THANX TOYA!) and this shit is not booting. I dont think I need to explain how important music is to me(come on…seriously?) so with this, PLUS me not being near a computer becaus of New Years Eve festivities (GET YA FREE DEBIT CARDS AT 11PM ON 42ND!) There will be no music today from DopeIsAsDopeDoes. And I like began..I will end…



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