Mickey Factz- Thinking Out Loud


Mickey Factz- Thinking Out Loud <-Preview + Download Link

I dont want no bling bling in my ear. Or diamonds on my neck/diamonds, diamonds on my neck/If I get diamonds, I’mma say you could deposit all the begets. They ya girl’s best friend, they my brother though/So I Kane and Able them just to get a bungalo.”-Mickey Factz on “Thinking Out Loud”

Kanye, MURDERED the “Say You Will” beat. Drake ressurrected the pain the beat brings out. And Mickey Factz just cremated this beat. Seriously, any other rapper or singers that want to come on this beat are going to have to bring Illmatic level lyricism after these three MC’s. Here, Mickey Factz experiments with vocal effects, gets his most introspective ever, BLACKS THE FUCK OUT and delivers what is already the leading canidate for (DOPE)st highlight rhyme of ’09(AWARD SHOW COMING…in 11 months). See, told you. 2009 is going to be (DOPE) as FUCK!

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