The Whack, The Iight and The (DOPE) Daily News

The Whack

Pharrell goes NUTS!


Ok..2009 = looser jeans. I peeped this at MediaTakeOut and these are apparently skin tight jump suits or something or other. The minute I saw it and then saw the “Billionaire Boys Club” in the background I knew the circulation to Pharrell’s brain was FINALLY cut off by those ball busting skin tight jeans. Now I admit, I have a pair of jeans that are slimmer than normal(which became that way by improper washing BTW) but THIS is ridiculous. SMFH.

The Iight

Rihanna is a BAAAAAAADD GIRL..Chris Brown agrees…And I wonder why I care


Rihanna feat./ Chris Brown- Bad Girl (Prod. By Polow Da Don) <-Preview + Download Link

“Spit Louis Bags and breathe Gucci/Got a wardrobe like she starring in a movie.”- Chris Brown in “Bad Girl”

Chris Brown IS that dude on the R&B tip. Yes, Ne-Yo writes better than Chris. Yes, Usher sings better than Chris. But neither one of them got sheer charisma and youthful exuberance as him. And well..Rihanna is the only artist I’ve seen since..well..EVER(remember, I was born in ’88) to have ONE album, spawn SOOOO many hits that EVERYONE knows at least 4 lines from. So these two together should be like Jay-Z/Beyonce for the tweens right? EHHH, this track just doesnt have that spark. It’s ok, Chris Brown raps BRIEFLY(he knows his limits) and this just becomes a forgettable song. It’s iight. Now you two, stop fucking and drop your next albums. I wanna see if ’08 was a fluke for these two.

The  (DOPE)

Wordsmith + HipHopDx= (DOPE)


Wordsmith & HipHopDX presents The 2008 Resolution and Recap Mixtape <-Download Link

Wordsmith wrapped up 2008 and ushered in 2009 with one of the (DOPE)st mixtapes of either year. Now, listening to Wordsmith is odd. REALLY ODD at times because he’s versatile as fuck. Whether it’s a midtempo, swagger-filled lyrical diatribe about how the game is fucked up on “Game, Set, Match” or a syrupy drolling flow on “Senor Wordsmith” he delivers (DOPE)ness. Overdose please.

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