CNN, Show & Immortal Technique OnDaSpot “Freestyle”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“All I need is a model and a Goose/Cause shawty say I’m hung like they got me in a noose.”-Capone in “OnDaSpot Freestyle”

“Think you Superman, stand in front of the nine/And I’mma hit you with this Kryptonite, one at a time”- Capone in “OnDaSpot Freestyle”

AHHHHHHHHHH…after a quick bout of the mud butt today, I stumbled upon some FUCKEN CLASSIC FREESTYLING from CNN (Show too, but this was CNN’s show). On Green Lantern’s OnDaSpot Freestyle show(becoming kinda legendary), these 4 MC’s GOOO THE FUCK OFF. But I’m sorry, Capone stole the fucken show, like litterally, he wouldnt let ANYONE rap. I CANT WAIT till Channel 10 comes out. (DOPE).


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