Do You Forgive Me?


I take a shit load of breaks. However, this break was not self-imposed(none of them have been, except the reconstruction one). I get back to school(Photoed above, ORANGE MEN!!!) and my wireless does not work. So I go through 3 or 4 days of these numbskulls tyring to fix it here and I finally get it back and I’m ready to work. PUT THAT WORK IN!! What was I doing the 4 days BEFORE THAT? Well, it was my last days in New York City, I was recording(got the intro to the mixtape done) and a bunch of other miscellaneous shit. But now, I got a schedule, got my laptop back AND getting a mic set…TODAY. So you might be hearing some exclusive Karnage(yes, that’s me) in the near future.

Oh and don’t worry. I got some new exclusive(ok, not REALLY exclusive) music from my dude Wordsmith, ASN and Astonish coming TODAY!! Just remember…

“Patience is a virtue/Hastiness will hurt you”-Karange

Back in a little while. Work and class.


One Response to “Do You Forgive Me?”

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