Naledge- “Rock Top Fashions” * Bonus Cut: “Bird Walk (Reversed)”(Video)


Naledge- Rock Top Fashions <-Preview + Download Link

“I’m so too letters after E/Here my exes even say they would see (C) an effing (F and) G.”-Naledge on “Rock Top Fashions”

Lets not even talk know..the thing I did to y’all…AGAIN. Lets get into the (DOPE)ness. Here is apparently the first leak off of Naledge’s forthcoming mixtape, Brainiac Society Vol. 3: Attack Of The Brainiacs. He drops some gems over a beat that soudns more Slim Thug than Kidz in Tha Hall. Naledge is definitely one of the most underrated MC’s from the Chi(NO, having videos on MTV and BET does NOT mean you have the lyrical respect you deserve.) READ MORE to see him ReVerse Soulja Boy’s “Bird Walk” for the new Rap City BET’s new attempt at appealing to “REAL” Hip Hop BET’s show, “The Deal”.  Yeah, and there’s actually a video to it. 

Naledge- “Bird Walk” (ReVersed)

“First verse was (DOPE) but I upped it on the second time/Abignale Jr., if you think you checking mine. Black Leonardo, no not DiCaprio/More like DaVinci in a G-Shock Casio.”-Naledge on “Bird Walk (ReVersed)”

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