“Unforgivable #1” * “Unforgivable #4” (Video)

*DISCLAIMER*- If you get offended by cunt, pussy, butthole, excessive use of the ‘N’ word, mysogony, homophobia, murder, marijunana usage, theft, gangbangs, and/or infidelity disregard this post. And dont ever come back to any Hip Hop site. 

THIS is the reason why YouTube is the best thing since porn(they even married the two..*cues heaven music*). This is basically, a White dude(he IS White, I researched) filming a Black dude’s monologue about EVERYTHING listed above(and not listed..sorry, forgot rape). This isn’t some hidden gem, each of the 5 videos from this “Unforgivable” series averages about 6.5 million views. These two..TO ME…are two of the funniest videos..ANYWHERE..in the past 5 years. Don’t want to talk that much. Just sit back and enjoy. You might even learn a thing or two(like which direction is best to cut another man’s wrist.)


Unforgivable #1

“She tried to make up for it. Sucking my dick a little bit. I was like, ‘Bitch, that feel good. But, it ain’t enough.’ She took to new levels, started jacking me off while she was sucking my thang. I got a nut. Yea, I got a nut. SO?!!“-Gunnar Fritz Stansson in “Unforgivable #1”

Unforgivable #4

“Took him by his wrist. Cut him. Cut his wrist….vertically. Then I said, ‘What now, ho?’ Oh, he was on the floor dying and shit. Making a scene.”-Gunnar Fritz Stansson in “Unforgivable #4”

One Response to ““Unforgivable #1” * “Unforgivable #4” (Video)”

  1. Chris Rock meets DMX. Haha

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