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Jamie Foxx feat./ T-Pain- “Blame It”(Video)

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“You dont even care now/I was unaware how. Fine you was before my buzz set in.”-Jamie Foxx in “Blame It”

*Disclaimer: If the video takes about 10 seconds to appear..DONT’s there. This my first time posting a video from the great people at so I’m working out the technicalities. (DOPE).*

Before I start. CAN SOMEONE UNEARTH SOME BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE OF THIS VIDEO SHOOT! PLEASE!!! Ok, if I wouldve been a good student, worked on that paper at 1 in the morning like I was supposed to and NOT went blogsurfing, I would’ve NEVER EVER watched this video(Not really big on 106 & Park). Finally my laziness pays off. I’m not going to list all the mindboggling celebrity appearances in this Hype Williams-directed orgy of alcohol, dancing and sexual inuendo. I’ll let you guys have fun pointing them out. Let me just say…Ron Howard, leaned in the back of a Maybach, giving the “I’m here niggas..WHATS THE DEAL?!!” look is beyond priceless.(Didnt this guy JUST do the DOPE ass Frost/Nixon?). Off of Jamie’s sophomore disc, Intuition he and Teddy Penderass(I think that’s how he spells it) waxes your ears with tales of alcohol induced adventures. FUN!! But the video is pretty (DOPE) and the song is IRRITATINGLY addictive.


Oh..and you know Karnage already hopped on the beat. DUHHHH. More on that soon.


Late Night Digging VII

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Janet Jackson- “I Get So Lonely”

“(I get so lonely) Everytime I hear your name.”-Janet Jackson on “I Get So Lonely”

After revisitng this video for the first time in about 10 years (YouTube has saved so many of my childhood memories), I decided this is is PERFECT for the latest edition of  the critically acclaimed series  “Late Night Digging”. First and foremost….1998 = JANET JACKSON WAS THE HOTTEST/BEST SINGER ON THE PLANET! PointBlank. Period. I feel that was her LAST year as the mega, 8 year old girls love her songs ICONIC pop star. Now she’s just a “hey it’s Janet..wonder what she got” kind of ICON. Man..this was the FIRST video I saw that made me realize that music can be pleasurable…in SOOOO MANY WAYS. Enjoy!

Trivia FactI hit puberty at around the 3:55 mark.

Fashionable Inmates? (Video)

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Scene from Escape From Alcatraz

This post has NOTHING to do with the analysis on racial stratification this scene discusses or how Clint Eastwood is the GREATEST actor at portraying steely indifference without undesreved haugtiness. NO NONE OF THAT. The thing that boggles my mind is…WHY ARE THESE INMATES WEARING PEACOATS?!!! Now a days Peacoats are like…FASHIONABLE(“look at his peacoat/tell me he’s broke”-Kanye West) but in this 35+ year old movie, EVERY INMATE in this WORST OF THE WORST PRISON(Alcatraz makes Rikers look like a playpen) has a PEACOAT!! Wow…the way times have changed.

Joe Budden PSA (Video)

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“I’m pushing THIRTY! Damn……that sounds old. I’m pushing 29.  Sounds much better. I’m pushing 29. I’m too old to be frustrated.”-Joe Budden in “Joe Budden PSA”

Props to Jessie Maguire for capturing this wonderful rant of artistic intent by mr. Joseph Budden(not sure if that’s his real name.. .wait…IT IS!). I actually read that same review Joe is blasting off about. I wasnt so concerned about the reviewer’s misperception of the song as frustrated but his sorta, kinda far fetched analysis of one of the (DOPE)st rhymes of the song. Peep this:

He talks about a man who “walked on water”, which could either represent Jesus or Jay-Z. Think the Jay-Z thing is a stretch? Check out Jay’s verse from Diamonds remix:

How could you falter when you’re the rock of Gibraltar
I had to get of the boat so I could walk on water
This ain’t no tall order, this is nothin to me
Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week
I do this in my sleep…
-Diamonds remix


Ok the rhyme he’s talking about is this one:

“I went to see a man walking on water
Asked if hed ever get things back in order
I been there two years over a quarter
But every time I open my eyes its like torture
He said please I gave you a whole other world for you to go do with as you please
Just so you appeased mixed with a couple of signs bout real life while you make believe”-
Joe Budden in “In My Sleep”

Ok, I can KINDA get the connection..especially since Joe mentions Def Jam in the very next rhyme. HOWEVER, how do you explain him saying  “mixed with a couple of signs about real life while you make believe”? THAT kinda makes it COMPLETLEY about Jesus. But I could be wrong. How about another PSA Joe?

PS- It is kinda odd that he skipped past the Jay-Z theory in the review even though he’s been known to not like to talk about the Jay-Z/Def Jam situation. Hmmmm..I wonder.


The Dream feat./ Kanye West- “Walking On The Moon”

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The Dream feat./ Kanye West- Walking On The Moon <-Preview + Download Link

“Now I’m drunk texting, like it’s all about you/Like I cant spend another minute without you/You know that drinks let you say things you ain’t allowed to/Things that you feel, but way too proud to.”-Kanye West on “Walking On The Moon”

Before I say ANYTHING let me say..NewMusicCartel always gets their respect from the (DOPE) heads at DopeIsAsDopeDoes. This one is straight from the NahRight vaults. The Dream and Kanye seem like a perfect match especially since ‘Ye but the vocoder down, picked up his braggadocious humor and let it “do what it does”. Off of Dream’s forthcoming Love vs. Money album, this sounds like some Michael Jackson “Off The Wall”, just toned down…ALOT. But still a (DOPE) ass track.

Young Chris feat./ Wale, Bun-B & Karnage- “Searchin’ (SoundScape Mix)”

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Young Chris feat./ Wale, Bun-B & Karnage- Searchin’ (SoundScape Mix) <-Preview + Download Link

No more demos, we finally got fame/No more shark niggas biting our names.”-Karnage on “Searchin’ (SoundScape Mix)”

That’s EXACTLY what me and the homie SoundScape(pictured above) been doing. GRINDING! AND…Here it is…my minimally hyped  entry in to the Searching For An Outlet campaign headed by the big homie, Young Chris(no brownie points awarded, so this is ALL authentic). Dont really have much to say but that I hope to hear it on Now Or Never when it drops and all of my AVID readers(I notice I rarely show yall love) hate/love/indifferent comments are greatly appreciated ya boi! CNK. AOR. Cycle EP. ’09.



Altruism in Recession

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Peeped this over at the queen of gossip’s site (Dont act like you never been there too. Mr Mrs. Ms. Sir Perez…take it away:

It’s great to see that not all bankers are jackasses!

When Leonard Abess Jr. sold his majority stake in the Miami-based City National Bancshares last November, he made a cool $60 million.

But he didn’t keep it for himself!

He shared it with his tellers, bookkeepers, clerks, everyone on the payroll.

According to reports, all 399 workers on the staff received bonuses, and he even tracked down 72 former employees so they could share in the windfall.

The bonus was based on years of service and for some it amounted to tens of thousands of dollars!!

And for the lucky few, more than $100,000!!!

We need more people like Leonard Abess in the world.

[Image via Candace West/Miami Herald.]

WOW!! At a time when banks are being cheapskates and givng UNDESERVINGLY giving bonuses of OUR money while THEY’RE going bankrupt, there are signs of TRUE, PURE ALTRUISM. This guy exemplifies what EVERYONE OF THESE RICH ASS/LET ME STUNT IN MY SHADES THAT CAN PAY YOUR MORTGAGE rappers should be like. He got $60 mill, but he was already caking before that deal so he gave it his employees and shit money like, “yo, hold this down. It’s yours.” Like Joey said, “Yes Rae, it can be so simple.”

(DOPE)st thing of 2009 yet.