Curren$y- “This Ain’t No Mixtape” Snippets * “Fin” Mixtape












“This aint even the album. It’s the snippets”-Curren$y on “This Aint No Mixtape Snippets

Curren$y- This Aint No Mixtape Snippets <-Preview + Download Link

“Raps I bust ’em/Problems with my life, don’t discuss ’em/Coups and leers jets, I lust them”-Curren$y on “Coups and Leers”

That above rhyme (the one below the link) perfectly..IMMACULATELY describes what a Curren$y freestyle, song, interview, mixtape, wateva sounds like. Straight rapping bars. Not alot of personal shit. And lavishness whether it be in the fact that he name drops everything from Louis Vutton to Family Guy(PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!). Here are the snippets of some of the songs on Curren$y’s forthcoming, long awaited, presumably weed influenced  debut album, This Ain’t No Mixtape. If you know ANYTHING about Hot Spitta you understand why this is a (DOPE) ass title. And you know that these snippets just made you want the album to leak unbeknownest to Curren$y or his management  drop already.


And for those that don’t know(I love using the Nail In The Coffin outro Eminem voice) about Curren$y and why he is probably one of the top 5 rappers out right now..don’t worry he and the good people at gave you a cliffnotes of his current career. READ MORE to download his “final” mixtape “Fin…”(make sure you have the dot, dot, dot) YUEAHHH!!

Curren$y- Fin…(Mixtape) <-Download Link

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