Bow Wow Responds to One Hit Wonder (Video)

“Imma start calling the nigga Ramone.”-Bow Wow on above video

I apologize. I don’t usually condone unnecessary flossing (“we’re in a recession/so aint no time for recess when I’m in a session.”-Consequence) but this right here IS HILARIOUS. Apparently Bow Wow and Hip Hop’s murderer Army Brat  Soulja Boy Tell’em have been “beefing” over who has the better Lambo or something. IDK. IDC(that D stands for Didnt) until I saw THIS. Bow Wow can’t ether NO ONE on a record…not even Soulja Boy. But like he said..he can just blog for the rest of his life and be good. PLEASE DO!! This is just hilarious..especially since it’s a response to Soulja Boy’s FAUX CONFIDENT VIDEO

Bow Wow vs. Soulja Boy Tell’em + Speed Channel= LMAO!

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