Katie Courics Interviews Lil Wayne (Video)

“I dont take nothing from no one. I do what I want to do. And I’m going to do that until the day I die. And if I cant do that, then I’ll just die.“-Lil Wayne in “Katie Courics Interviews Lil Wayne”

“I have migranes that make me want to kill myself.“-Lil Wayne in “Katie Courics Interviews Lil Wayne”

I think it’s pretty clear that Lil Wayne ISN’T the (DOPEST) rapper/lyricist/MC of all time or even out now. Tha Carter III is NOT a classic. Dedication 3 fucked up the series the other 2 CLASSIC mixtapes laid down. But I will tell you this. There is no other rapper out now or since Tupac died  that I can possible conceive being the “next 2pac” and this interview is evidence of that. I wouldn’t say Eminem, because Em has etched himself in the history books in his own separate category. Now, you watch it and he drags you in. You believe what he says. Now before you want to assassinate my mental(copyright) for comparing him to ‘Pac, but I have NEVER, EVER seen sooooo many people in love with an artist SOOOO BLINDLY that WHATEVER he does they love it. I used to think it was Em, but even Em fans are fickle..if you’re a Wayne FAN..you don’t change. AMAZING!

Oh..and I love the way Katie Courics put that “dont bullshit me, nigga” face on when Wayne says he smokes weed for “medicinal purposes.” LOL!


One Response to “Katie Courics Interviews Lil Wayne (Video)”

  1. […] made it clear that I dont overrate and buy completely into the Lil Wayne machine. And I definitely dont blindly hate the guy. But when I see shit like the ABOVE picture, I just sigh and think, “people need to stop […]

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