Statik Selektah & Saigon Finish Album in ONE Day (Video) * Bonus Cut: Statik Selektah feat./ Cassidy, Saigon & Termanology- “Take It To The Top” (Video)

“24 hours, my nigga. Me and Statik Selektah made this album in a day. One day. No Makaveli 7 Day Theory.”-Saigon in above video

Impressive. VERY impressive. It’s not unheard of. But it is definitely impressive..or it will be when we hear the album. This 24 hour opus is entitled All In A Day’s Work (appropriate) and this..THIS is what Hip Hop should be about. Locking yourself in a studio..A basement studio at that..and just banging out music for the love of it. Not going shopping to cop some new Dunks or going to some HUGE studio for like 6 hours to just fuck around and get half a song done. If you have the time, the ability and the love..WHY THE FUCK ISNT THIS HAPPENING MORE?!! Ive seen TOOOO many rappers vacationing, in the club, doing vlogs of them doing unproductive shit to the point that THIS right here is (DOPE) without even hearing a song (that 10 second clip of a song was crazy though). Do you know why I respect Lil Wayne and Ive compared him to 2pac(even though I dont like the majority of his music)? Because I have not seen ONE..not ONE photo of him vacationing. But I have seen a new Wayne mixtape every time I yawn. Even if it’s not (DOPE)’s a work ethic that you HAVE to respect.

A little off topic..kinda..but I had to say what I had to say. READ MORE to see the Rik Cordero-directedvideo for the Statik Selektah, Cassidy, Saigon and Termanology cut, “Take It To The Top” off of Statik’s Back 2 Basics (get..THAT..NOW).

Statik Selektah feat./ Cassidy, Saigon & Termanology- “Take It To The Top”

“99.99% of niggas’ lyrics is lame/When I spit, the room temperature change/You would swear I inherited 2Pac’s soul/Both Chistopher’s brains. Mindstate of The Roc/Wittyness of LeMach/Spirit of the sidewalk/Grittyness of the block.”-Saigon on “Take It To The Top”

If there’s some typos..excuse me, I’m writing what I hear. *Sidenote*– Saigon makes it REALLLY hard to take any of his “we need to help the youth”..”we need to not teach them violence and glamorize it” when he says shit like:

“I’ll catch you with an ill uppercut/Then watch your nosebleed enough blood for you to fill up a cup/You dont want the 9 mil to erupt/Jump out the back of a truck/Like ‘what up’, and commence to clapping you up.”-Saigon on “Take It To The Top”

REALLY, Mr. Empower The Youth? The contradiction that is Hip Hop.

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