Swagger Like Us (2009 Grammy Performance) (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“…we the only thing to talk about.“-Lil Wayne on “Swagger Like Us”

Props to ElCorilloRD for this clip that is soon to be deleted due to Copyright violations the video.

Props to OnSmash…this one seems to be staying.

As promised, the footage of the “rap pack” (very witty, Latifa) and Mother of the Century perform the biggest collaboration of ’08. By itself, this song is like “A Milli”, really good the first 5 listens, then you notice how disappointing it really is. But just like A Milli, a (DOPE) performance can make this song (DOPE) as fuck. Dont try to adjust ur laptops(or mobile devices), it really is black and white for the majority of the performance. By the way, is it just me or do you think M.I.A. just gave her future child the greatest gift EVER? Whoops, forgot about child birth. But really, her child can say, I was on stage while 4 of the biggest and best rappers…ever(Biggest meaning sales and popularity AKA Lil’ Wayne) while they performed one of the biggest collaborations in Hip Hop history….AT THE GRAMMY’S? All my mom did was take me to see New Jack City when I wasnt even old enough to make a coherent sentence. *Sigh*.

Best Part- The HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVAAAAA at 1:48 and then Jay doing what can only be descibed as the “Driving Miss Daisy” U-Turn dance righ after. LOL.

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