Late Night Digging VI (BEST ONE YET!!)

Eminem Vs. Kuniva Freestyle Battle

“I dont mean to boast/Look, my face is pale, but you look like you seen a ghost.”-Eminem in “Eminem Vs. Kuniva Freestyle Battle”

11:37 PM…got maddd homework to do..what do I do? Link back up with some CLASSIC Eminem freestyling I havent seen in years. Battle between Kuniva and Em (Was this pre-D12?) but you don’t hear Kuniva’s verse. By the reaction Em got, seems like you don’t need to. Man, Eminem is the (DOPEST) MC Ever! I dont want to go into a whole LONGGGGG reason as to why(when I have time I DEFINITELY will). But these freestyles just show that his career encompassed EVERYTHING that is Hip Hop. Underground grind, random CLASSIC albums that no one heard of (*ahem* Slim Shady EP *ahem*), battling..ANYTHING that an MC is supposed to do..he’s done it. You may say..”Oh Canibus can freestyle battle better than him”..or “Oh, Jay-Z does that raw Hip Hop better than him.” But then I just say this, Wilt Chamberlain scored more than Jordan, Bill Russel has more rings than Jordan and Robert Parish has won more games than Jordan. It’s just that..


Jordan can do EVERYTHING they can do.

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