Joe Budden- “In My Sleep” * “In My Sleep PROMO” (Video)


Joe Budden- In My Sleep <-Preview + Download Link

“Took a walk on the ceiling, just to get my mind right/But that was yesterday, so in hindsight. Since I was able to haul off/I took it as God telling me I’ll never fall off.”-Joe Budden on “In My Sleep”

The SECOND I saw this second single from Joey’s forthcoming Padded Room (Februray 24th NIGGAS!!) over at the home of my fellow crusaders of the (DOPE) I immediately checked it out. PEOPLE…PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOPLE! This far…THE (DOPE)ST song of 2009 and I personally feel it’s better than “Who Killed Hip Hop” (Full version..not individual parts) that Joe put out last year and is on the same level as “3 Sides to A Story” which I have felt to be the apex of his talents. OH MAN!! Please..PLEEEEEASE dont let the highlight rhyme stand as the representation for the absurd lyrical quality of this song..the highlight rhyme was just the best rhyme that I felt as a stand a lone rhyme, without madd other rhymes that followed it to explain it, was (DOPE).’ve dropped ONE album. 3 Mixtapes. And a bunch of great tracks. You want to be considered one of the G.O.A.T.’s? MAKE PADDED ROOM A CLASSIC!! READ MORE to see the promo/behind the scenes of the Rik Cordero-directed(seriously everybody is hiring this dude) video for this song. JERZ!!!

“In My Sleep” Promo Video

“All for the art…ALLL for the art.”-Joe Buddens in “In My Sleep Promo Video”


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