Joe Budden PSA (Video)

“I’m pushing THIRTY! Damn……that sounds old. I’m pushing 29.  Sounds much better. I’m pushing 29. I’m too old to be frustrated.”-Joe Budden in “Joe Budden PSA”

Props to Jessie Maguire for capturing this wonderful rant of artistic intent by mr. Joseph Budden(not sure if that’s his real name.. .wait…IT IS!). I actually read that same review Joe is blasting off about. I wasnt so concerned about the reviewer’s misperception of the song as frustrated but his sorta, kinda far fetched analysis of one of the (DOPE)st rhymes of the song. Peep this:

He talks about a man who “walked on water”, which could either represent Jesus or Jay-Z. Think the Jay-Z thing is a stretch? Check out Jay’s verse from Diamonds remix:

How could you falter when you’re the rock of Gibraltar
I had to get of the boat so I could walk on water
This ain’t no tall order, this is nothin to me
Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week
I do this in my sleep…
-Diamonds remix


Ok the rhyme he’s talking about is this one:

“I went to see a man walking on water
Asked if hed ever get things back in order
I been there two years over a quarter
But every time I open my eyes its like torture
He said please I gave you a whole other world for you to go do with as you please
Just so you appeased mixed with a couple of signs bout real life while you make believe”-
Joe Budden in “In My Sleep”

Ok, I can KINDA get the connection..especially since Joe mentions Def Jam in the very next rhyme. HOWEVER, how do you explain him saying  “mixed with a couple of signs about real life while you make believe”? THAT kinda makes it COMPLETLEY about Jesus. But I could be wrong. How about another PSA Joe?

PS- It is kinda odd that he skipped past the Jay-Z theory in the review even though he’s been known to not like to talk about the Jay-Z/Def Jam situation. Hmmmm..I wonder.


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