Jamie Foxx feat./ T-Pain- “Blame It”(Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“You dont even care now/I was unaware how. Fine you was before my buzz set in.”-Jamie Foxx in “Blame It”

*Disclaimer: If the video takes about 10 seconds to appear..DONT WORRY..it’s there. This my first time posting a video from the great people at Onsmash.com so I’m working out the technicalities. (DOPE).*

Before I start. CAN SOMEONE UNEARTH SOME BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE OF THIS VIDEO SHOOT! PLEASE!!! Ok, if I wouldve been a good student, worked on that paper at 1 in the morning like I was supposed to and NOT went blogsurfing, I would’ve NEVER EVER watched this video(Not really big on 106 & Park). Finally my laziness pays off. I’m not going to list all the mindboggling celebrity appearances in this Hype Williams-directed orgy of alcohol, dancing and sexual inuendo. I’ll let you guys have fun pointing them out. Let me just say…Ron Howard, leaned in the back of a Maybach, giving the “I’m here niggas..WHATS THE DEAL?!!” look is beyond priceless.(Didnt this guy JUST do the DOPE ass Frost/Nixon?). Off of Jamie’s sophomore disc, Intuition he and Teddy Penderass(I think that’s how he spells it) waxes your ears with tales of alcohol induced adventures. FUN!! But the video is pretty (DOPE) and the song is IRRITATINGLY addictive.


Oh..and you know Karnage already hopped on the beat. DUHHHH. More on that soon.


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