Eminem – “We Made You” (Video) * “We Made You” (Audio)

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“You’re a..ROCK STAR..everybody wants you/who can really blame you/WE’RE THE ONES WHO MADE YOU!”-Eminem on “We Made You”

*Coughs* Ahem….ummm….can I just say..


Here is the HILARIOUS video for Eminem’s first single off of the ACTUALLY COMING OUT HIGHLY IMMENSELY ASTRONOMICALLY anticipated follow up to the ehh Encore album, Relapse. He’s back to his old tricks, dissing ANYONE  in his sight, but this time it is actually more enjoyable and understandable than his desperate attempt at a first single before. Watching this video oddly enough reminds me of one of the reasons Eminem is the G.O.A.T(Greatest Of All Time for you slow people). Because Em can do the deep introspective tracks like Nas (See “Stan”, “Yellow Brick Road” and 80% of his catalogue), he can do the firey lyrical tracks like Rakim (See his verse on “Never Enough”, “Till I Collapse” and 90% of his undergroudn career) and can DEFINITELY do the street tracks and keep it lyrical like Jay (See his verse on the song with Jadakiss “Welcome To D-Block” and see his verse on “Patiently Waiting”). But NONE OF THEM can be funny…AT ALL. Minus the one or two smirks you get when Jay-Z says “cut the door, there’s a draft bitch come on in.” Because EVERY rapper lies in some form or another, whether it’s about how much money they DONT have. The drugs they NEVER sold or the amount of women they’ll NEVER fuck, usually do that as a metaphor or punchline but some just outright claim they have done all the shit the average smart fan (keyword: smart) can sniff out as a lie. Eminem is that fun we need. In a recession, people are losing jobs, rappers are STILL lying, anyone with a bandana and somewhat of a gangsta past is getting  on, WE NEED SOMEONE TO GENUINELY MAKE US LAUGH! And Em can, has and God willing will ALWAYS DO THAT!

Now, before the hate ensues..the REASON I posted the rhyme from the chorus as the highlight rhyme is because EM is a genius for putting that in there. He KNOWS people are going to say..”oh man, THIS shit again.” So he’s like..”Hey, you guys MADE me this jester, this rock star who pisses EVERYONE off..yall accpeted it…NOW DEAL WITH IT!” And it’s true, why you think Jay went back to Reasonable Doubt-ish rhymes? Cause he got INSPIRED by a movie? HA! Cause he tried to be something the fans didnt make him out to be on Kingdom Come and went right back to his M.O. Em knows how to play the game better than ANY RAPPER EVER!! Oh yea..and if you were impressed by Wayne’s 1.03 Million(dont let anyone convince you it was more) then you’re gonna FLIP when Em does 1.3..1.4 EASILY!!

Oh, but Em…DONT let this be how you sound on the majority of the album. AND DONT discard that DJ Premier track. AND DONT YOU DARE DO ANYMORE “Ass Like That”. Keep the same formula. Funny first single to get the teeny boppers to buy your album and then the majority of the album is HARD LYRICS..HARD RHYMES…HIP HOP BABY(Listen to the ending of “Get You Mad” if you need to understand)

READ MORE for the audio courtesy of the homie YN(you know, Former XXL Editor and Chief, Current RapRadar blogger)

Eminem- We Made You <-Preview + Download

“Why should I wash my filthy mouth out/You think that’s bad, you should hear the rest of my album/Never has there been so much finesse and nostalgia.”-Eminem on “We Made You

Im REALLY REALLY thinking he might be coming back as the OLD Eminem.

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