Asher Roth- “As I Em” FULL/CDQ


Asher Roth- As I Em [Snippet]

Asher Roth- As I Em [Full/CDQ] <-Preview + Download Link

“But they keep relating me/I can’t get away, chasing me/ Now the masses think that Asher wants to be a Marshall Mathers/ They say “Asher’s not a rapper, nah his ass is just an actor”/ Cause we have the same complexion and similar voice inflection/ It’s easy to see the pieces and reach for that connection.”-Asher Roth on “As I Em”

Okay so I’ve never posted any Asher. Not cause he was whack, but because I just havent been feeling his music to the point where I’ll play it over and over again. But I always though dude had skills. But THIS song..WOW!! Off of his album being released on April 20th(roll something up) “Asleep In The Bread Aisle”. He goes in about the elephant in the room. I like how he handled it. And it’s only a snippet and the beginning sounds like a slow downed version of the beginning of Joell Ortiz’s “Hip Hop” but it’s (DOPE) none the less.   Now with the Full/CDQ version. I SINCERELY apologize for not giving my fellow crusaders of the (DOPE)   their credit when I dropped the snippet. I was in a madddd dash to finish a bunch of shit. With this song and “Lark On My Go Kart”, his album is sounding pretty (DOPE)


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