Most Underrated Sitcom Ever?

Hustleman: I got something I know you gon’ dig. I got a special on some “Free-Range Chicken”.
Martin: What the hell is “Free-Range Chicken”, man?
Hustleman: It means for me it was “Free”. For you it’s going to cost you in the “Range” of 15 dollars.

Martin: Them damn chickens are PIDGEONS ON A BRANCH, man.

 This has to be one of the greatest sitcoms EVER! Martin revolutionized the Black household on Television single-handedly with its run from 1992 to 1997. I mean, before that the only image of the Black household was the Cosby’s and while we alllll loved the Cosby’s, MOST of Black America did not live like that. Martin delivered, maybe not the first real, urban depiction of Black America, but definitely delivered the most dynamic and comically refreshing depiction. I mean, the range of characters from the lovable idiot of Cole, to Bruh Man(from the FIF FLO) to Hustleman(PICK UP THE PIECES!) and of course Gina. We had “Good Times” and we had “Different Strokes”, but Martin did something neither one of them could do. Martin went all out EVERY episode. I haven’t seen a lead character in a sitcom since Martin Lawrence who could switch from such a wide range of emotions in a single scene and it all seem natural. Maybe I’m biased because EVERY character in the show I’ve not only met but grew up around (there’s not a lot of Kramer’s where I live). Still, you never hear Martin mentioned in the talks of greatest sitcoms ever. Or even greatest sitcoms of the 90’s. It’s always populated by stock favorites such as “Cheers” and “Mad About You” and “Seinfeld”(although Seinfeld is the GREATEST TV SHOW EVER!). With scenes such as the one above, there’s no way this show should not rest in the pantheon of the (DOPE)st sitcoms of all time.

If only Martin could keep his hands to himself…

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