Joe Budden TV- “Music Fantasy Draft” (Video) * Tahiry’s KING Magazine Photos

“They put an accent on Rhianna. What are we talking about? You comparing Beyonce’s work ethnic to a potatoe doll where you place the shit on her fucken head.”-Joe Budden in above video

Before I begin, Mr. Mouse has a disclaimer about the video for anyone who may take offense (*coughs* Rhianna *coughs*):

me and this guy will debate about everything under the sun, and nothing is to be taken personally, take it 4 what it is… 1 music conversation outta 19092902082820982980… my apologies to any1 we may have offended, def. not our intentions…

Ahhh how Hip Hop and the world of music for that matter need more of THESE debates. Here Joe and (some dude that seems to be in ALL the Joe Budden TV videos and may be a close family friend) debate over who would be in their Music Fantasy Draft. Apparently Joe’s draft picks are:

Hip Hop- T.I.(if he’s speaking as a fan, if he’s speaking as a rapper then that’s a WHOLE different story apparently.)

R&B- Keyshia Cole(But then later picks Keri Hilson..hmmm..I dont know about that one)

The issue of talent vs. marketability, created superstar vs. self-made superstar and Mr. Potatoe Head vs. Beyonce are ALWAYS hot topics. I think Joey said it best, there has to be a machine behind talent to make a megastar. Cause even though 50 Cent came to Aftermath with a SHITLOAD of songs, like Buddens said “he didn’t come with In Da Club.” My choices, AS A FAN, of Draft Picks would be:

Hip Hop: Eminem (Cant be questioned)

R&B: Alicia Keys (Talent and can bring in the MAJOR BUCKS!)

READ MORE to peep Tahiry’s soon to be inseminated future jailhouse obsession sexy pictorials from the final KING magazine. Courtesy of YN at RapRadar(I guess when you run a MAJOR Hip Hop magazine for a decade or so you get these kind of perks).Also props to Dre at NahRight the photo links. Don’t mind the disjointed organization. Just enjoy the beauty. : )

king-magazine-tahiry-2king-magazine-tahiry-3king-magazine-tahiry-4king-magazine-tahiry-51king-magazine-tahiry-6“Baddest Chick Award/Goes to/[Tahiry]“-Modified Kanye West rhyme.

Enough Said.

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