Wale Vs. Charles Hamilton…Back On? (Video) * Charles Hamilton’s Response

Wale Dissing Charles Hamilton at Atlanta Show

“Charles Hamilton— That’s not my nigga. Any real nigga don’t run behind your back and say some bullshit. Especially if he know you gon check him, and not a record. It’s ok, we all young rappers growing up.”

Props to Dre over at Nah Right. Above is Wale dissing Charles Hamilton at ANOTHER show thus reaffirming DopeIsAsDopeDoesoriginal assumption. Due to the fact that the perfomance at Syracuse University (GO ORANGE!) where we reported Wale dissed Charles Hamilton at was on April’s Fool Day the two MC’s tried to brush their little fued under the rug. But here is ANOTHER performance where Maryland’s finest MC shoots ANOTHER diss at Charles Hamilton. Oh…and it’s not April 1st. This is getting interesting. Oh, and Wale performs a (DOPE) rendition of the (DOPE) track “Artistic Integrity” off of his (DOPE) The Mixtape About Nothing.

UH… .(DOPE).

P.S.- Notice how chicks SCREAM FOR JOY when Wale says Charles’ name and then the dudes YELL IN EXCITEMENT when he proclaims that Charles is “not my nigga.” Maybe Charles should put out that L Word, Too pretty quickly

UPDATE- Charles responded in the best way he knows how, his blog. He seems quite delusional in my opinion with the whole, “I’m not his nigga? And..he didnt diss me”. Uh 1) A guy you say you’re cool with says you’re not his nigga, IS a diss. And 2) He kind of forgot that he said more than JUST that. Furthermore, Charles takes a slight little jab at Wale by implying him to be a “tadpole”. This is probably a publicity stunt or some clever or some sociological experiment conducted by the two rappers to test Hip Hop’s focus on beef over music. A test would fail since the internet buzzes over a new song/mixtape/project/interview/freestyle these dudes do at the same rate as their “beef”. More on this later. Hmm..Wale has a blog, maybe we’ll have the first ever BLOG BEEF. YAY! <-High levels of scarcasm

One Response to “Wale Vs. Charles Hamilton…Back On? (Video) * Charles Hamilton’s Response”

  1. lol @ “Marylands finest MC” ur an asshole dude..Wale would be a lil upset to see that, you know he reps DC first.

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