Joe Budden- “Exxxes” (Starring Milani Rose)(Video)

“We lie together/Cry together/I swear, I hope we die together.”-Joe Buddens in “Exxxes”

NO. This is not DopeIsAsJOEDoes. So NO I’m not ONLY going to post Joe Budden material. NO. Don’t be fooled by the above highlight rhyme, it’s not ’94. But this video is definitely a pretty (DOPE) video for the equally (DOPE) song, “Exxes” off of Joey’s pretty damn good sophomore album(yea, he’s a sophomore) Padded Room. It actually captures what the song and the emotion of the song is about. Unlike the Science of Sleep-esque, schitzophrenic “In My Sleep” video. Not going to lie, at first I had no idea what the song’s deeper meaning was, all I had were theories. This video confirmed all of them (GOLD STAR TO ME!). Not sure who directed it Directed by John Colombo. Congrats to him. So let me get this straight. Joe Budden gets to simulate sex, grind on and share a shower with THIS chick AND then, presumably gets to go home and have real sex with THIS chick? WOW…umm….just…WOW!!

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