Mos Def – “Flowers” (Video) * Mos Calls Out ALOT of Industry Rappers To Battle (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“No chain, I’m the jewelry. The jackers cant snatch/The gingerbread the slavemaster can’t catch.”-Mos Def in “Flowers”

Mos..THE MIGHTY MIGHTY Mos Def who is NOTICABLY absent from the aural orgy HIGHLY ANTICIPATED 2009 Rock The Bells lineup comes with Coodie and Chike-directed video? Um teaser? I dont know what this is all I DO know is that this is some new (DOPE) Mos Def rhymes accompanied with a intricate (DOPE) visual. Presumably off of his new album entitled, The Ecstatic crash landing to Hip Hop whenever Rapidshare says so  on June 9th. Mos Def > 50% of your Top 20 Favorite Rappers of All Time that arent him. Real Talk. READ MORE to peep Mos dropping more knowledge, in a drunken form albeit, calling out Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Andre 3000 amongst others to a star studded rap battle (which none of their publicists/labels/endorsement companies/groupies would allow ANY of them to participate in).

“You really think Jay and Weezy can beat me. It will NEEEEEVER HAPPEN!”-Mos Def in above video

Mos Def: “Them niggas is more different than me?”
Some Random Dude: “Yea, they hood. They from the ghetto”

“Smart, get smart with your smartness/To busy surviving to argue about Darwin”-Mos Def in freestyle in above video


“Yo, Yo/Dont play me so close/Make me whisper something to you, ya aint really ready to know. Fight camp you was in top form/Fight night, damn, you aint breaking popcorn. Word is bond. Word is born, ultimatum/Lights off, smell the sauce, recucitate them/I dont underrate them, son, I dont NOTHING rate them.”-Mos Def in freestyle in above video

“Ecstatic nation/Black imagination/activated/You are living elevated/You are ROCKING WITH THE GREATEST!”-Mos Def in freestyle on above video

With all these quotables I dont think there’s a need for me to say anything. However, notice that at the 3:16 mark how Mos doesnt even come to the defense of Kanye when some random dude says, “Kanye West aint not real rapper.” Damn ‘Ye, step ya pen game up and stop fucking with them fishsticks.

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