9th Wonder’s Beat For Nas (Video)

De Blog Jam Episode #7 – Come on Nas!!

“I’ve remixed the album. I’ve done what I can. This time I got THE call. I got the NAS CALL!”-9th Wonder on above video

The first thing that comes to my mind after watching this video is..”wait, Nas never spit on a 9th Wonder beat…officially?” Peeped this at 2dopeboyz who peeped this at NahRight (in Twitter there would be a bunch of “@” flying around). This beat is (DOPE) but if Untitled is any indication of where Nas is going sonically, this might be too
Hip Hop is Dead for his taste. Then again, I can DEFINITELY hear Nas spitting some storytelling or “I’m crucified in this game” type rap. Hey 9th, if Nas passes send that shit over to dope.aire@gmail.com. And even if you dont send it to me 9th, like Joell Ortiz said: “Imma just two-track it when it goes out and heat that shit up.”




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