Drake- “Uptown” (Live) * “Best I Ever Had” (Live) (Video)

Drake- “Uptown” (Live)

You can run and tell your friends that I’m home.”- Drake in “Uptown”

Drake had a soon-to-be legendary weekend run where he hit Purchase University SUNY Purchase in upstate New York on Friday, did Funk Flex and Angie on Saturday (as well as apparently club with Cam all night) AND show up to Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg’s Morning Show at 7 am on Sunday. WOOOOO even saying all of that saps me of energy. Here he performs the 1st verse to the (DOPE) cut “Uptown” off of his unexpectedly major successful mixtape, So Far Gone. I was just wondering when Drake was going to capitalize on the popularity I saw him accumulating since his mixtape dropped(online only by the way) and before this  weekend YouTube(or anywhere for that matter) had no footage of him performing any cuts from So Far Gone. Now, time for you to hit up Highline Ballroom, Webster Hall or any BIG venues in New York City for the summer and then drop the album. Mark my words..Drake will be a MEGA STAR. Point Blank. READ MORE to check him perform the soon-to-be RADIO SMASH single “Best I Ever Had”. 

Drake- “Best I Ever Had” (Live)

Y’all the best I ever had.“-Drake in “Best I Ever Had” (Live)

The fact that ALLL these songs didn’t come out in any stores or iTunes just shows the power of word of mouth and the blogosphere. Step up your game Television and Radio.

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