Late Night Digging VIII

Trav Williams- “illtravis”


Trav Williams- illtravis <-Download Link

This might be the luckiest thing ever. Props to HipHopDx because  I damn sure don’t check out ALOT of the mixtapes they highlight(nothing against them and/or their selection, just no time). But this might be the biggest surprise gifts ever. I know Elzhi was doing a similar thing has “pay homage” to the UNDISPUTED GREATEST RAP ALBUM EVER(try and argue with me) but Trav Williams(RELATIVE UNKNOWN) killed it. No, it’s NOT as good as Illmatic. No, you SHOULDN’T expect it to be. But YES, it is one of the (DOPEST) mixtapes this year, I’d say 2nd only to So Far Gone and it might even be on the same level as it in terms of conceptual consistency. This came about thanks to the good people at Kevin Nottingham and their INGENIOUS Illmatic Beat Contest. .(DOPE).

Standout Tracks: “Light It Up”, “Bootleg Cable” and “Mechanics”

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