Royce Da 5’9- “Slaughter”



















Royce Da 5’9- Slaughter <-Preview + Download Link

“I’m a fair teaser/This bitch said, ‘Who the fuck died and made you God’, I said, ‘Jesus.'”-Royce Da 5’9 on “Slaughter”

Off the upcoming Bar Exam 3(Isn’t he ALSO dropping Hood Hop soon?). If you’ve heard the previous two installments in Royce’s already legendary Bar Exam series(or just the Bar Exam 2, like me) then you should expect a slew of Royce destroying beats your favorite rapper TRIED to kill. Here, he warms the fans up BE3 with a lyrical “slaughter” of the Brooklyn We Go Hard. So far the best 2 verses on this beat goes to Slaughterhouse brothers(Joell and Royce). Coincidence? I’ll admit when I was wrong. I slept on Royce after he went SUPER UNDERGROUND and got in to a stupid beef with D12. But since Bar Exam 2(specifically since he murded “Swing Ya Rag“) I’ve rememberedwhy this dude is the ONLY rapper to damn near top 90’s Eminem on a song.  The above highlight rhyme may be one of the top 10 punchlines of ’09 already. So let’s recap this summer. We got Em, Busta, Raekwon, Royce (x2), Joell Ortiz and  Distant Relatives(Nas + Damien Marley) dropping albums. If this is what you mean by Hip Hop being DEAD, I’ll glady keep this bitch in the grave. 

“B E 3, NIGGAS!!”-Royce Da 5’9

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