Eminem- “3 A.M.” (Prod. Dr. Dre)


Eminem- 3 A.M. <-Preview + Download Link

“It’s 3 A.M. and here I come, so you should probably run/A secret passage way around him, man, there’s probably one/Oh no, there’s probably none/He can scream, all that he wants/Top of his lungs/Aint no stopping me from chopping him up.”-Eminem on “3 A.M.”

*Breathes In*

Before I start, props to my fellow crusadersof the (DOPE)  for liberating this. Yes, umm, all you haters, all you “Eminem fell off, he doing that funny pop shit” people, and DEFINITELY all you “I want the old Slim Shady back”, well..lol..well…the first 2/3’s can go suck a dick. And the last one of you, You’re Welcomed..mostly. Here is the 2nd single from the MOST ANTICIPATED RAP ALBUM..hmmm..EVER, Relapse. Eminem, Marshall Mathers Slim Shady sounds his most gruesome and insane since “Criminal” (9 years ago). Wow..I am not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical that he could bring back the old Eminem without sounding like he’s TRYING to bring him back, but this song proves he can bring him back AND (albeit with a sometimes distracting accent) makes it sound relevant. The beat, presumably made by the good Doctor, is menacing and FUCKEN RIDICULOUS.  Now, it’s not all (DOPE). The song doesnt feel like an event like past PSYCHO songs such as “Criminal”, “Still Don’t Give A Fuck” and “Anyman” did, but that could be attributed to it being that this is my synopsis after ONE listen. 

For now on I’m not calling May 19th the release of Relapse, I’m calling it, The Day Hip Hop Realized Who’s The G.O.A.T.

One Response to “Eminem- “3 A.M.” (Prod. Dr. Dre)”

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