Eminem’s Interview On Shade45 Morning Show (Audio)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“The album is different from the single.”-Eminem on the Shade45 Morning Show

If you want the audios to download(for whatever weird reason) these guys have it in clips, so do these guys. But I like it in one continuous stream and thanks to WorldStarHipHop we have it. The G.O.A.T. stops by the show he owns. He tackles almost every topic you could think of in this 17 minute clip from the sound of the album, him being considered the greatest rapper alive, why his songs don’t leak until he wants them to and his “3 inches of blue steel.” The most interesting part of this whole interview is the comparison between Eminem and Bill O’Riley. It kind of shows how Bill O’Riley is basically the Eminem in the News world, attacking any rapper who is popular. TAKE THAT!

Oh..and he’s dropping his 2nd single, 3 AM today which he promises to be ALOT darker than the 1st single(he’s never done that before. Now has he?)


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