Greatest Moment In Wrestling History? (Video)

Stone Cold Returns To Save WWF

Jim Ross: “Is it the old Stone Cold? OHHH HE’S TALKING!

Jim Ross: “The whole game changed once Austin came into the ring!

Okay, this is probably not the greatest moment in wrestling history. Andyea, wrestling is definitely scripted and all of this was planned. But take into account what you had in this solitary moment. You had the Raw before the WWF faced off against WCW/ECW (potentially changing the course of wrestling), Stone Cold was being seen as softie, and in all actuality wrestling was falling off. this was 2001. The first year in a long time where wrestling wasn’t AMAZING! And lets be serious..Stone Cold is the greatest WWF/WWE wrestler ever and him coming down, giving 7 Stunners, with Jim Ross yelling “IT’S THE OLD STONE COLD!” sends chills down ANY wrestling fans spine. Even if they’ve been jaded for 6 years. 😦

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