Lil Wayne Is The Best Punchline Rapper Ever? NO! (News)




















“I’m on like the television“-Lil Wayne on “Make It Rain (Remix)”

Props to YN for delivering this piece of information. Now, I hope I’ve made it clear that I dont overrate and buy completely into the Lil Wayne machine. And I definitely dont blindly hate the guy. But when I see shit like the ABOVE picture, I just sigh and think, “people need to stop thinking they KNOW Hip Hop like that.” The dude in the article above (apparenlty from the final King Magazine issue) quotes one of the whackest Lil Wayne punclines (need water like a hiccup? really?) and then claims that “being the best punchline rapper isnt just about the punchline, but how it’s delivered.” Umm, true, but he forgot ONE thing…CONSISTENCY. That’s Lil Wayne’s biggest problem is that he isnt consistent. He’ll go from a pretty (DOPE) punchline (“running this shit like I got four thighs”) to a whack, overdone punchline (“I got stripes, A-DI-DAS”) in the span of :08- :10 seconds. And since he puts out sooo much material he has a bunch of classic punchlines..but also a bunch of WHACK ones. Like, he says on the Drake song, “Successful”, “Ask her who I am to her and she yell ‘God'”. THAT’S (DOPE). But he’ll have a bunch of whack ones in a bunch of mediocre songs. Consistency. So who’s the best punchline rapper ever? Maybe Hov (“Survive a drought, I wish you well” break that one down), umm, how about Fabolous (“wordplay king, I’m not the one to Scrabble with”) shit, what about Royce (“She asked, ‘who died and made you God’, I said “Jesus”). The list goes on, but these three rappers have CONSISTENLY given (DOPE) punchlines. Wayne doesn’t. While he is “young dictionary, make words make sense, he’s also “on like the Television.” Sorry. NO DICE. (Word to Ms. Diva)

PS- Stop drinking the Kool Aid people.

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  1. Big L = best

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