Raekwon feat./Method Man and Ghostface Killah- “New Wu” (Video) * Raekwon- “Gorilla Rap”

Vodpod videos no longer available. “Yall Planet of the Apes standing next to King Kong.”-Ghostface Killah on “New Wu”

Here’s the new video for “New Wu(Ooh)”, the street single for Rae’s OVER DELAYED BETTER BE A CLASSIC AND NOTHING LESS Only Built For Cuban Linx II. This track is (DOPE) and sounds like a modern day, updated version of Only Built For Cuban Linx. That same dirty, stank bass with some smooth soul in the back ground and Rae, Ghost and Meth rapping about everything from “laying niggas down like ceramic tiles” to “2 divas with their tops missing“. CLASSIC WU! I remember seeing the Behind The Scenes and…where is the Joell Ortiz and NORE cameo? READ MORE to check out some new Rae, “Gorilla Rap”.

Raekwon- Gorilla Rap <-Preview + Download Link

Flashed up, dressy, the nerve of ya/My life story, worldwide, seeking pussy [I earn re-up]“-Raekwon on “Gorilla Rap”

Sometimes I KNOW what he’s saying is (DOPE), but just dont understand it. Is it “I earn Re-Up”?


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