Unorthodox Phrases vs. Illusions-Z [Grind Time West Battle](Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.
“Fucken ‘net nerd/He acts so white in public that everytime he drops the N-Word/Heads turn.”-Illusions-Z in above video

Every now and again, while I’m scrolling through the videos on WorldStarHipHop I check out some of the “Grind Time” battles that be going on. I must say, if you’re considering the COLLECTIVE skill level of Grind Time battlers you could make the arguement that Grind Time is better than SMACK in its heyday. While SMACK did have rap battle legends like Murda Mook, Serius Jones, Iron Soloman, Jin and MATH Hoffa(ONE DOPE Jae Millz battle doesn’t make him a SMACK legend), they also had whack battle rappers like Party Arty, T-Rex and other dudes I do not care to know the names of. In this Illusions-Z DESTROYS this eccentric battle cat by the name of “Unorthodox Phrases”. 


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