Eminem- “3 A.M.”[Trailer](Video)

Eminem- “3 A.M.” Music Video trailer

“the prodigal son/the diabolical one/Very methodical when I slaughter them.”-Eminem in “3 A.M.”

Literally, EVERY day something comes up that renews my faith in Eminem being the Greatest Rapper of All Time. Whether it’s the EXTREMELY promising tracklisting, the grim, nostalgic “3 A.M.” and now THIS. Eminem shot the music video to “3 A.M.” and will be premiering it on Skinemax Cinemax on May 2nd. The trailer is proof that this video is going to be a larger than life, cinematic piece. Last time Eminem did something like that it became his best videos ever. So, we get the “3 A.M” track last week. We get Relapse‘s tracklisting this week. We’re supposed to get BOTH the video for “3 A.M.”(May 2nd) and the new track featuring the good doctor, “Old Time’s Sake” (May 5th) this week. THEN we get the seemingly epic 6 1/2 minute song “Beautiful”(When it’s ONE artist and a song is THAT long, yea, it’s EPIC) the week after that on May 12th. And THEN, when everyone is at their peak of anticipation after ALL this…what do we get? Relapse, the following week. Is everyone clear that NO ONE plays the game better than Em?

May 19th= The G.O.A.T. Returns



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