Raekwon- “Resolution”


Raekwon- Resolution <-Preview + Download Link

“It’s like this, We youngsters, fresh off the block baby/Fly 3-80’s/Sniffing coce when I was 9 is crazy.”-Raekwon on “Resolution”

Uh oh, Raekwon is starting to flood the ‘net with music. You know what that means…Cuban Linx 2 is coming. Props to OnSmash and The Chef himself for liberating this piece of smooth, polished, refreshing (DOPE)ness. Everything from the wonderful chorus to the soft horns to Rae’s usual gravely voice makes this song (DOPE) with INSANE replayability. Apparently this is NOT on Only Built For Cuban Linx 2 but off of The Brink Boys Present: Staten We Go Hard Vol. 1 which you can download at Raekwon’s Myspace. Ok, before anyone starts bitching as to why most of my last post have been Raekwon-related….first say that sentence outloud and see how fast someone slaps you and says “SO?!” And, Unlinke ALOT of blogs out there, I only put up music/videos/et cetera that are (DOPE). I can’t stand when blogs put up music that even THEY say they aren’t feeling. I keep the (DOPE)ness coming.



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