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Wale feat./ Peedi Crakk, Black Thought, 2Face & Young Chris- Hot Shyt

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Wale feat./ Peedi Crakk, Black Thought, 2Face & Young Chris- Hot Shyt <-Preview + Download Link

“A barber couldn’t cut it/Wayne couldnt flood it/McCain cant beat it/So Barack had to lead it.”-Young Chris on “Hot Shyt”

“Peedi said kill it/Euthenasia’s in the building.”-Wale on “Hot Shyt”

Wale answers the fans prayers and finally drops some (DOPE) shit off his HEAVILY ANTICIPATED 9th Wonder mixtape, Back To The Feature. Here’s the latest leak which features all of the usual suspects and a dude named 2Face(I might have had my head under a rock for too long, but who is he?). All the MC’s go in but Young Chris drops some of the (DOPEST) bars he’s dropped in a while.



Vibe Rap Bracket!?(Video)

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“Certain people. Certain brands. Certain publications. Should lose their fucken right to discuss Hip Hop. Because you have these outlets and you have these people who give out their fucken opinion. We dont have any history on these people. We dont know their fucken credibility. We dont know who their favorite rapper is. What they listen to. We dont konw anything about these people, but they write something and it’s etched in fucken stone as credible.”-Joe Budden on “Vibe Rap Bracket!?”

Let me be the first to say that Joe Buddens is the QUINTESSENTIAL HIP HOP FAN. He embodies EVERYTHING that a Hip Hop Head is: Unbridled love for the game, a deep knowledge of great catalogues and of course the self-given(is that a word?) title of “Credible Hip Hop analyst”. In this clip from JoeBuddenTV, Joey and Joell discuss the recent VIBE magazine attempt to remain relevant in Hip Hop. The problem with these lists is not that they’re COMPLETELY subjective, but because they’re COMPLETELY transparent. Yes, Joey they were but they were also trying to have the best matches, what they were trying to do is place rappers in their ranking for their own specific criteria. To explain, they put Canibus at # 31 and put LL Cool J at #2 because Canibus is lyrically (DOPE) but hasnt sold alot and most of the casual rap fans wouldn’t know who he is. And LL Cool J is a legend, even though he hasnt released a (DOPE) rap album since, well..more than a decade ago. Im pretty sure if they had ONE list of things thata (DOPE) rapper needs, the rankings will be different. But let me not get too into it.

PS- The fact that Joell Ortiz is not up there after an INCREDIBLE HIP HOP presence and buzz since 2005 and Foxy Brown is after she’s put NOTHING (DOPE) out in that same time span says alot.

Joell Ortiz- “Children Story” * “Get Money”

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Joell Ortiz- Children’s Story <-Preview + Download Link

Joell Ortiz- Get Money <-Preview + Download Link

“Why does it sound like I’m rapping when I’m thinking“-Joell Ortiz on “Children’s Story”

“So what where I’m from all we do is two step/Those dances take too long and we ain’t trying to lose breath.“-Joell Ortiz on “Get Money”

First of all, that cover is (DOPE) as fuck. In anticipation for the soon to be released Joell Ortiz Covers The Classics joint with DJ Green Lantern, Mr. J-O-E-Double what he never take shoots by two (DOPE) songs over the CLASSIC beats(of the same names of course). I like how “Get Money” is basically “Brooklyn Bullshit pt. 2(The Leftover So What’s)”. 


Mos Def- “M.D. (Doctor) Live”(Video)

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Mos Def- “M.D. (Doctor) Live

“Who’s naive?/You been raised in the street/Dont accept truth or honor, lies from the beast/The beast and police dont believe in your grief/It’s easy to feel tall when folks live on their knees.“-Mos Def in “M.D.(Doctor)”

Wow..just…WOW! Let me let the people who caputre this, Frolab, get their piece in:Frolab presents:

MOS DEF’s Encore performance at Cape Town Jazz Fest

Mos intros with Coltrane’s “Love Supreme” into an unreleased song “M.D. (Doctor)” featuring David Axelrod’s “Holy Thursday” played live by The RCDC Experiment (Robert Glasper, Chris Dave, Derrick Hodge, Casey Benjamin)

Keeping in line with the effects on Coodie & Chike’s “Flowers” promo, we created a ‘visualizer’ for this unreleased song… for the fans!

Captured by Cognito for Frolab
ExperimEdit by Jelizen for Frolab

another moment brought to you by the Culture Capture Champs™

The Ecstatic
coming 06/09/09
(Downtown Records)

Damn Mighty Mos Def comes and blesses with the (DOPEST) song on the heavily raped David Axelrod, Holy Thursday. Mos Def’s The Ecstatic might be his perfect blend of Black On Both Sides rhyming and The New Danger experimentation that we (or at least I) have been waiting for. 


Eminem- “Dr. West (Skit)” * “Insane”

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Eminem- Dr. West (Skit) <-Preview + Download Link

Eminem- Insane <-Preview + Download Link

“I was born with a dick in my brain, yea fucked in the head.”-Eminem on “Insane”

“I want you to feel me like my stepfather felt me/Fuck a little puppy, kick a puppy while he’s yelping/Shady what the fuck you saying/I dont know, HELP ME!/What the fuck’s happening, I think I’m fucken melting/Marshall I just love you boy, I just care about your well-being/No dad, I said no, I dont need no help peeing/I’m a big boy, I can do it by myself, see/I only get naked when the babysitter tells me/She showed me a movie, like Nightmare on Elms Street/But it was X, and they called it Pubic Hair on Chelsea/Well this is called Ass Rape, and we’re shooting the jail scene.“-Eminem on “Insane”

I was TRYING not to post too much Eminem, because I dont want to be construed as a EMINEM FANBOY, but when he releases songs like “Insane” and the “Dr. West (Skit)”..I DONT KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO BUT POST THE (DOPE).Here are some leaks from..well if you dont know what the album’s called by now you shouldn’t be on the internet. After hearing the snippets of two other Relapse songs that have been floating around, the “Dr West” intro AND “Insane”(which he BLACKS THE FUCK OUT ON!) I am more convinced than ever that Eminem is about to drop his 3rd classic album. Because as much as people do not like “We Made You”, even The Marshall Mathers LP had “The Real Slim Shady” and as much as people aren’t BLOWN AWAY by “3 A.M.”(which I dont understand) even The Eminem Show had “Drips”. Classic albums dont mean ALL the songs are classic songs. PROPS TO 2DOPEBOYZ FOR LIBERATING THESE TRACKS!

May 19th= The G.O.A.T Returns


PS- I wont release anymore Relapse until the album comes out(besides “Beautiful”, since it’s the next song SCHEDULED to be released). But I must say, what I’ve heard so far…OHHHHHHH MY GOD!! EMINEM IS DROPPING A CLASSIC!

PPS- As tight a ship as Dr. Dre and Eminem run, I’m sure these leaks are planned. Crafty Aftermath.

DJ Panic Introduces J Streetz aka J. Jemison (Mixtape)

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DJ Panic Introduces J Streetz aka J. Jemison <-Download Links

Big home DJ Panic shoots by his latest mixtape DJ Panic Introduces J Streetz aka J Jemison to us at DopeIsAsDopeDoes. Pretty (DOPE), covers alot of the..ohh..wait, if you’re not familiar with Panic, to take a cue from Mr. Sparks, GET FAMILIAR! Oh,and this aint the last of it, DJ Panic is dropping another mixtape soon, with various artists. We got some things in the works. Check in later.


Eminem Feat./ Dr. Dre- “Old Time’s Sake”

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Eminem feat./ Dr. Dre- Old Time’s Sake <-Preview + Download Link

“Hynotiq and Red bull, its an incredible energy drink/And it’s giving me wings. And I believe I can fly/While I pee on a girl..”- Eminem on “Old Time’s Sake”

They love when I’m on that stuff“-Emienm on “Old Time’s Sake

Yes, I know, this song leaked a day ago but I wasnt at my computer for the WHOLE day(I’m going to kill BioAnthropology). Here’s the lastest leak from Relapse with the interracial Cheech & Chong. I must admitt, the Triumph, Rain Man, weird voice does make it hard to understand Em’slyrics at time and I would much rather hear “Never Enough”-sounding Eminem, I’m not 100% sure why he has the same voice in EVERY one of these songs. The weird thing is that he switches back and forth between the voice in this song. I dont know if he’s teasing us or he just can’t talk any other way. But this definitely does sound like the old, “gangsta Dre with the crazy White boy” routine Eminem and Dre made so famous

May 19th= The G.O.A.T Returns


PS- Yo, Em. All we want is the old EM. And with these recent lyrics, beats, songs you’ve been giving it to us. Just go back to that original voice and you’ll be fine..THAT’S it. I know you can still do it.