Late Night Digging IX

Maroon 5- Ragdoll

“Shut my windows, lock my doors/Cause my heart wont be your ragdoll anymore.”-Adam Levine on “Ragdoll”

This song..let me just say..this song has been in my top 20 favorite songs ever for the past 5 years when I heard it by COMPLETE accident. I’m wondering if I should call it a “perfect” song, but I’ve only called one other song perfect and that’s Aaliyah’s “I Care 4 U”. Hmm, but the guitar solo breakdown is legendary and just puts you in a REAL good mood. This was off of the Re-Issue of Maroon 5’s Slow but Steady smash hit album, Songs About Jane. NOW, I do think this is the one song that made their first album better than their last album. This is a near 6 minute epic song that’s just melodic (DOPE)ness. So press play, turn the lights out…and zone. 



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