CNN= SWAGGA?! (Video)

“Our white cameraman over there is trying the SWAGGA over there with the camera. SWAGGA is like SWAGGER with a little more FLAVA.”-Kyra Phillips in above video

Huh? Ok, umm..WHAT?!  When did CNN turn into a Barbershop? Thats the only place you’ll see peole assessing the president’s SWAGGA. What’s weird is I dont know how to feel. Like, a part of me watches this and goes, “Ahh, it’s nice that CNN can loosen up for the younger audience.” But then when that white chick (HOT BY THE WAY!) says the above quote and then at the end of the video does this mock “pound” to the Black correspondent, I sit and think, “Is my culture a joke to this bitch?” I’m on the fence about this one.


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