Frsk Purple- For You

m_676cc55cdc964cabb885f2929b885069Preview + Download Link Frsk Purple- For You

“I dont know how to cry/so instead I’m getting high/And I pour a little out..for you.”-FrskPurple on “For You”

Little inside information. I been hounding this man to send me a song to leak for months cause dude is (DOPE) as fuck. Finally, his upcoming EP, On My Way Home, Frsk pens a pretty heartfelt letter to a fallen friend. Now, ALOT of you might now know who Frsk Purple is. So go here and check out his LMC Presents: Frsk Purple in its entirety (“I’m Leaving” is a personal fave). Stay tuned for more. I have it on good word that I’ll be getting more of these leaks before the EP drops. Support the (DOPE)ness, or dont bitch when the whackness takes over.


PS- For all you New Yorkers(I say it like I’m not one of them), Check Frsk performing at Club 40C on May 12th.

One Response to “Frsk Purple- For You”

  1. […] CULTURE! It’s finally time people…if you remember, I dropped a leak from Frsk Purple a while ago. But this shit right here..THIS SHIT RIGHT HERRRRE. This is the offical first single off of the […]

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