Eminem Feat./ Dr. Dre- “Old Time’s Sake”


Eminem feat./ Dr. Dre- Old Time’s Sake <-Preview + Download Link

“Hynotiq and Red bull, its an incredible energy drink/And it’s giving me wings. And I believe I can fly/While I pee on a girl..”- Eminem on “Old Time’s Sake”

They love when I’m on that stuff“-Emienm on “Old Time’s Sake

Yes, I know, this song leaked a day ago but I wasnt at my computer for the WHOLE day(I’m going to kill BioAnthropology). Here’s the lastest leak from Relapse with the interracial Cheech & Chong. I must admitt, the Triumph, Rain Man, weird voice does make it hard to understand Em’slyrics at time and I would much rather hear “Never Enough”-sounding Eminem, I’m not 100% sure why he has the same voice in EVERY one of these songs. The weird thing is that he switches back and forth between the voice in this song. I dont know if he’s teasing us or he just can’t talk any other way. But this definitely does sound like the old, “gangsta Dre with the crazy White boy” routine Eminem and Dre made so famous

May 19th= The G.O.A.T Returns


PS- Yo, Em. All we want is the old EM. And with these recent lyrics, beats, songs you’ve been giving it to us. Just go back to that original voice and you’ll be fine..THAT’S it. I know you can still do it.

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