Mos Def- “M.D. (Doctor) Live”(Video)

Mos Def- “M.D. (Doctor) Live

“Who’s naive?/You been raised in the street/Dont accept truth or honor, lies from the beast/The beast and police dont believe in your grief/It’s easy to feel tall when folks live on their knees.“-Mos Def in “M.D.(Doctor)”

Wow..just…WOW! Let me let the people who caputre this, Frolab, get their piece in:Frolab presents:

MOS DEF’s Encore performance at Cape Town Jazz Fest

Mos intros with Coltrane’s “Love Supreme” into an unreleased song “M.D. (Doctor)” featuring David Axelrod’s “Holy Thursday” played live by The RCDC Experiment (Robert Glasper, Chris Dave, Derrick Hodge, Casey Benjamin)

Keeping in line with the effects on Coodie & Chike’s “Flowers” promo, we created a ‘visualizer’ for this unreleased song… for the fans!

Captured by Cognito for Frolab
ExperimEdit by Jelizen for Frolab

another moment brought to you by the Culture Capture Champs™

The Ecstatic
coming 06/09/09
(Downtown Records)

Damn Mighty Mos Def comes and blesses with the (DOPEST) song on the heavily raped David Axelrod, Holy Thursday. Mos Def’s The Ecstatic might be his perfect blend of Black On Both Sides rhyming and The New Danger experimentation that we (or at least I) have been waiting for. 


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