Joell Ortiz- “Children Story” * “Get Money”


Joell Ortiz- Children’s Story <-Preview + Download Link

Joell Ortiz- Get Money <-Preview + Download Link

“Why does it sound like I’m rapping when I’m thinking“-Joell Ortiz on “Children’s Story”

“So what where I’m from all we do is two step/Those dances take too long and we ain’t trying to lose breath.“-Joell Ortiz on “Get Money”

First of all, that cover is (DOPE) as fuck. In anticipation for the soon to be released Joell Ortiz Covers The Classics joint with DJ Green Lantern, Mr. J-O-E-Double what he never take shoots by two (DOPE) songs over the CLASSIC beats(of the same names of course). I like how “Get Money” is basically “Brooklyn Bullshit pt. 2(The Leftover So What’s)”. 


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